Location. Location. Location. The phrase has been in use since before 1926, according to The New York Times, and remains just as relevant now as it was then. The simple premise, as we all know it, emphasizes a property’s location as having the utmost impact in determining its value. This holds true for vacation destinations, residential developments and public spaces where accessibility, uniqueness, connectivity and lifestyle all play important roles.

Also known as the three rules of real estate, the expression cuts to the heart of property investment guidelines. But what exactly about a location makes it special, relevant and attractive? In a modern market, it goes beyond aligning the aesthetic of the area, and now includes vital considerations such as availability of power, water and infrastructure, accessibility of raw materials and market probability.

However, it is actually scenic stewardship, the idea of preserving a place that holds the greatest inherent value. Protecting natural vistas and viewsheds as part of smart growth, allows communities to preserve their unique charm, build civic pride and attract positive development. By design standards, a view is perceived as a limit of visual space, a backdrop that transcends the boundaries of the site. To deliver on the location=value axiom, the greenbelt, urban park, mountain top, hillside, lake, ocean or any other natural or man-made feature, must relate to the people, the area and the function of the space. In other words, we must ensure that the use and the view are compatible. For the stakeholders in the design process, this gives rise to an opportunity to explore the intersection of art, history, land forms and preservation.

When a landscape is thoughtfully designed with vistas and captured views, it can provide stunning perspectives from every vantage point. Additionally a view need not be seen full front or be approached from a fixed direction. It is a panorama or a segment of a panorama to be seen from any or all angles. The skilled planner will let a view develop as the observer moves across it, just as a mountain climber experiences more and more of a view in the ascent until it is seen in total.

Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of American landscape architecture, wanted his designs to stay true to the character of their natural surroundings. He referred to “the genius of a place,” a belief that every site has ecologically and spiritually unique qualities. His goal was to access this genius and let it infuse all design decisions.His philosophy explains the ability of special vistas, views and scenic areas to contribute significantly to an improved quality of life, added property value and enhanced desirability and livability of a community. Combined with how and where development occurs, something as seemingly simple as a view can have a dramatic effect upon whether people consider that place special. This is because an extremely high percentage of the human sensory experience is visual, and people respond positively to places that are pictorially appealing, placing an emotional and perceived value on what they are seeing and how they relate to it.

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laura reyes
jose alvarez
senior project accountant
maritza figueroa

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Laura aspired to become an architect like her father and was additionally influenced by Santo Domingo’s colonial architecture. She admires the city’s grid, hierarchical pattern of streets, plazas and public areas that were fabricated in the late 1500’s, yet remain functional and captivating today. This sparked her desire to design outdoor spaces, and on scholarship, earned her Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from Utah State University. Laura is a strong proponent that the combined aesthetic of both feature and minor elements make each project memorable and revels in the detail design phase. She believes that by incorporating culture into design, expressive and purposeful landscapes are created - ones that carry a legacy. Laura joined EDSA in 2013 and is a member of the Behling Studio.

A recipient of several Florida ASLA student awards, winner of EDSA’s Minority Scholarship and a National Olmsted Scholar, Jose joined EDSA after receiving his Masters of Landscape Architecture from Florida International University in 2013. His design acumen stems from his passion for the master planning process where he feels he can render the greatest influence on protecting the environment, creating awareness of social sustainability and enhancing economic revitalization. Jose recognizes the need to prioritize the use and value of spaces in order to properly prescribe the environments of how people live, work and interact. His understanding of finance and management allows him to bring a unique combination of strategic insight and pragmatic realism to his projects. Jose is a member of the Dugan Studio.

A native of Puerto Rico, Maritza received an Associate’s degree in Accounting and a Bachelors in Marketing from Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico. As a Senior Project Accountant, she supports seven studios with billing, collections, contract administration, financial progress and performance management on numerous projects ranging in location, budget and international complexities. By providing operational and programmatic leadership, Maritza contributes to studio performance by infusing new perspectives that enrich the firms’ business strategy. A trusted advisor, her dynamic personality, positive energy and enthusiasm allow her to establish strong relationships with clients and professional colleagues. She strives to continually streamline systems, contributing to EDSA’s overall financial success and more progressive operations. She joined EDSA in 2005.

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The modern realities of operating a profitable resort or convention hotel are a complex affair. Properties must compete at some level for similar clientele.In order to remain current and regain and/or grow their market positions, first generation destinations must address the heightened expectations of today’s travelers and their desire for new amenities and unique, entertaining experiences.  

EDSA has seen a resurgence of properties launching major and minor renovation projects. These renovations are generally focused on creating a renewed and refreshed guest environment with a concentration on amenity areas. Additional swimming pools, lazy rivers, hydrotherapy spas, kids play zones, new food and beverage opportunities, event lawns, sports courts, cabanas and multi-purpose green spaces impact guest perceptions and can create revenue generating offerings that appeal to a wider market.

The Linquist Studio has participated in the repositioning of guest environments where return on investment, construction schedules, adherence to new ADA regulations and consumer trends are guiding the redesign. Properties like the Renaissance at SeaWorld, the Radisson Blu Resort Marina & Spa in St. Martin, the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress and the Gaylord Palms & Convention Center have all benefited from their expertise. By enhancing their resort offerings, improving infrastructure, and concentrating on the guest experience, these hotels have successfully maximized their return on investment.

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promotions summer 2014

EDSA is very pleased to announce our next generation of leaders; a dedicated group of employees who made significant contributions to the firm and richly deserve recognition. These promotions highlight the strength of our team.

To Associate Principal:
Rob Hutcheson (Orlando) and Courtney Moore (Shanghai)

To Vice President:
Craig Stoner and Derek Gagne (Baltimore); Derick Cissel (Orlando); Katy Hallgren (Shanghai)

To Senior Associate:
Betsy Suiter, Lei Xiao and Maritza Figueroa to Senior Project Accountant (Fort Lauderdale)

To Associate:
Ben Boyd and Qian “Summer” Xia (Baltimore); Jon Champlin, Catalina Facundo, Kuo Guo, Zheng Lu, Chris Phillips, Ayanna Stephens, Tyler Wallace, Keyu Yan and Da Zhang (Fort Lauderdale); Zhenrong Guo and Yining Xu (Shanghai)

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