Design is everywhere. It's what drew you to the last piece of furniture you bought, it's made London taxi cabs easier to get in and out of and it has earned Apple® the most valuable brand status title. It's driving business cultures and making sure environments from hospitals to airports are easier to navigate. Design has indeed become a mix of global cultures, thousands of years of history, technology and a collaborative spirit that allows nearly every part of the planet to be experienced at any moment.

For EDSA, design includes improving environments for people with an emphasis on human behavior and quality of life. Our founder, Ed Stone, instilled in all of us the value of respect, and it applies to how we treat the land, our clients, and each other. The result is a professional, studio-based environment that inspires a free exchange of ideas and encourages ever-more artistic, visual thinking.

While EDSA is one of the largest, uniquely disciplined master planning, landscape architecture and urban design firms in the world, it is the intimate nature of our offices and corporate culture that allows us to provide design solutions that are not only authentic in purpose but result in spaces that invite exploration and engagement.

We see our studio structure and immersive environment as a large contributor to the continuous generation of new ideas and growth of talented professionals.  Our collaborative work environment allows for extreme teamwork, open communication and cross-level motivation along with the precision, detailing and efficiency of creative development.  We teach our designers to be flexible, responsible and aware of the world, people and environment around them – always striving to incorporate the best ideas, knowledge and learned experiences into new design choices.

Every project, from concept through construction, is assigned to a studio dedicated to servicing client’s needs while providing design continuity. In close connection with clients and consultants, this unified team lives and breathes the project fostering participation towards refining design alternatives and developing ideas in a collaborative setting.  We sketch ideas on paper, conceptualize solutions onsite, utilize technology to realistically illustrate creative thoughts and remain inspired by the nature, culture, people and communities that surround.

We believe in our process, our people, our clients and our project designs. As land planners and landscape architects, we combine science, functionality, aesthetics and marketability into a design concept that is desirable, viable, commercially successful and adds value to people's lives. For more information contact us directly at

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administrative assistant
marie samuleman
neal schafers
daniele turkienicz

With a calm, creative confidence, Marie supports the Larrea, Jaguan and Smith Studios by quickly and reliably anticipating the needs of the team. Relentlessly adaptable, she can shift gears at a moment’s notice handling numerous administrative functions related to projects, clients and people. Marie is inspired by the company’s creativity and diversity of work and enjoys the direct interaction with clients. She appreciates the ever-challenging atmosphere and works to strengthen her knowledge every day. With experience in civil and building related fields, Marie studied business and attended Florida Technical College where she earned an AutoCAD degree. Whether it’s staying organized, possessing smart instincts, or being friendly to colleagues and the outside world, Marie is a positive extension of the EDSA brand.

With a background in golf course design, construction and maintenance, Neal continued his academic career by earning a Master's in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida. After studying park and urban design in Paris, he joined EDSA in 2007. Since then, his impressive portfolio of achievements includes extensive work on resorts, zoos, housing developments (single and multi-family), urban centers and golf communities. Neal delves into the early visioning and conceptual design of each project assignment with contagious excitement and loves meeting and working with both the client and consultant team. He believes successful projects take into account environmental, cultural, social and economic elements. He is a member of the Lalli Studio and currently on assignment at our Shanghai office.

Graduating Louisiana State University with dual degrees in Fine Arts and Architecture, Daniele sought a career that married artistic expression with an architectural discipline. The Brazilian native solidified her professional pursuits in 2013 when she joined the Larrea Studio. Daniele values experiential knowledge derived from the unique cultures, site attributes and people associated with each project. With an unwavering commitment, passion and belief in her purpose, she creates harmonious spaces and places that celebrate and unify design aesthetics with the natural environment. Daniele believes adding fun to the workplace results in a richer and more productive atmosphere. She is very excited about a current assignment in her native country, the Park Hyatt Iguazu, in which she promises to add significant insight.

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Diversity is the key to moving
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Culture is one of the most powerful forces in our society. It's central to what we see, how we make sense of our world, and how we express ourselves. A shared knowledge and appreciation of others’ culture enhances creative thinking. Broader understanding gives us a clearer view of our world and the opportunity to produce global solutions that are culturally applicable. As development trends continue to influence consumer behaviors, design professionals must look beyond their own borders for inspiration. The skill of accurately creating urban, residential and tourist environments for a worldwide audience is only possible by leveraging diverse perspectives. While the tools are similar, the challenges in different regions are as varied as they are complex. With a global portfolio, including assignments in China, the Middle East, Brazil, and around the Mediterranean, the Centolella Studio in Baltimore has been designing projects in different regions of the world and working alongside culturally diverse clients and collaborators. This range in projects, locations, staff and methods exemplifies how multi-cultural collaboration leads to innovation. Creative confidence, project realization, varied individual capabilities and geographic diversity have all contributed to EDSA's continuing success in Baltimore on projects domestically and abroad.

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project update

EDSA was commissioned to develop the master plan and provide full landscape architectural services for the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort, which opened its doors on August 3. EDSA’s expertise in planning and landscape architecture, hardscape and water feature design, as well as attention to detail unifies the ambiance of this highly anticipated resort.

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