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With the onset of the New Year, many of you are doing some extra imagining, planning and creating; so it seems only natural that we would have researched numerous development, design and technology trends and culmed them down to a handful that are begging to be applied in the next 12 months. Here’s what caught our eye:

Geographic Expansion: Although disposable income continues to rise in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC countries), developers should also consider markets such as Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as other high-potential countries such as Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and South Korea.

Speaking Visual: We’re shifting to a visual vocabulary that relies on photos, emojis, video snippets and other imagery – largely supplanting the need for text. “Visual” is a new lingo that needs to be mastered and incorporated into how, where and why we communicate.

The End of Anonymity: Thanks to an array of new technologies and a growing drive to collect personal data, it’s becoming nearly impossible to remain unobserved. As anonymity becomes more elusive, expect pushback from consumers. The challenge will be finding a balance between the very real benefits of data collection and utilization, with earning the trust of increasingly “hacked-off” consumers.

Made Greener By/For China: Perceptions of China will take a significant turn as consumers realize that China is quickly becoming the epicenter of truly innovative and superior “green consumer” initiatives. That shift will be driven by China’s relentless large-scale efforts to address massive environmental challenges such as energy, transport, construction and social interface.

Mindful Living: Consumers are developing a quasi-Zen desire to experience everything in a more present, conscious way. Once the domain of the spiritual set, mindful living is filtering into the mainstream with more people drawn to the idea of shutting out distractions and focusing on the moment. This will have profound effects on how people live, work, learn and play.

Better Is Better: Typically trends aren't made to last, but there is an emergent movement toward making things better and longer lasting. Bigger used to be better, but today, better is better— meaning more effective planning and efficiency of use. With consumers being more cost-conscious than ever, this intuitive simplicity is leading the design charge.

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meet the faces of edsa

tyler wallace
lianying wang
jack garcia

Tyler interned at EDSA in 2008 and was drawn to the firm for its international practice. Upon graduation from Iowa State, he worked in the design-build industry gaining experience in the construction field. A member of the Smith Studio since 2011, Tyler is heavily involved in the detailed design and implementation of a number of regional and international projects. He thoroughly enjoys and contributes solutions to every facet of the planning process, drawing inspiration from iconic built works that have stood the test of time. Tyler’s work ethic and dedication are also witnessed through his athleticism. He recently represented the USA in London at the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Age Group Championships - a true testament to his commitment and love for teamwork.

A native of China, Lianying appreciates and is inspired by designs that are branded with tradition, heritage and culture which she considers fundamental to the integrity and authenticity of a project. She is particularly fascinated with sustainability and enjoys collaborating with architects in the pursuit of LEED certification projects. Her gift is effectively integrating building design with the landscape and topography to further heighten a site’s attributes and performance. Lian’s design style advantageously combines traditional hand graphics with digital platforms, allowing form to take shape on paper and then creating dimension through programs like SketchUp. A member of the Centolella Studio in Baltimore, she joined EDSA in 2011 and holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota.

Jack joined EDSA in 2007 as an AutoCAD technician but desired to contribute to the land development and preservation process on a much greater scale. He earned a Bachelor’s in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida Atlantic University in 2011 and now inspires people and the public towards a greater sense of community by positively impacting towns and neighborhoods across the globe. A devoted family man and Colombian native, Jack is of the mindset that you always have something to learn. A technical resource for the firm and member of the Gray Studio, Jack gleams new knowledge from every assignment, client and colleague. He continues to educate himself on construction methods while working on large scale planning assignments.

studio insight
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LaMont studio – fort lauderdale

Always take more pictures than you think you will need of a project; you can never have enough!

studio insight

The LaMont Studio is extremely innovative, embracing new technology and continuously searching for pioneering techniques to improve efficiencies in their planning and design deliverables. The team possesses a good mix of having the will to learn and the will to teach, sharing lessons learned but also learning from others in order to craft more impactful design solutions.

“What’s always impressed me about our group, is that everyone will jump in behind a concentrated effort, successfully leveraging each person’s assets and talents to make things fluid and meet a client’s deadline.” - Scott LaMont, Principal.

Expansion into China and Southeast Asia was a major turning point for the LaMont Studio – forever changing the depth of their design style. Broad based efforts have pressed the team to step outside of their comfort zone and think at a higher level in terms of what they are creating and its cultural and economic impact on the region.

Their fundamental strategy is to move beyond just doing great work. They genuinely care about building relationships and helping clients become successful – educating themselves along the way on the importance of landscape architecture and the preservation of environmental and social equities. The team is confident and eager to face new challenges in unchartered waters.

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EDSA partnered with the Salvation Army on December 13, 2013 for a charitable team building event. In conjunction with a company-wide food drive, the Charity Shopping Spree provided more than 200 toys, clothing and toiletries items, as well as 300 cans of non-perishable food, to families in need in Broward County.

More than 120 EDSA employees participated in the Charity Shopping Spree at Target where each team received details on the family that they would purchase items for, including their likes, needs and holiday wishes. With cash in hand, teams developed a strategy for purchasing items within budget - and within the time limit - by designating a driver, planner, accountant and runners. According to Jill Martinez, Executive Vice President, Marketing with EDSA, "It became a bit of a friendly competition, but everybody won in the end as teams united toward a common goal - social giving." Once everyone returned to the EDSA office, teams assembled and decorated gift baskets with the purchased items for the adopted families, including personalized cards. In addition, EDSA surprised Salvation Army representatives with a check for $5,000. The event was part of EDSA's Annual Retreat where employees from the firm's six office locations gather for one day of team building.

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